Michelle McKitrick

Certified Sex Therapist

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Michelle McKitrick


Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Sex Therapy

A safe, private, and supportive space to explore and discuss sexual concerns, sexuality, and sexual health.

Relationship Therapy

People reach out for relationship therapy when they struggle to resolve conflict, have difficulty with communicating or need support through marriage discernment or a separation process.

There are a wide range of reasons people choose for attending relationship therapy that offer relief in areas, such as:

Therapy will draw from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Method and Narrative Therapy.

Individual Therapy

I work with individuals struggling with issues related to sexual health, sexuality, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, relationship challenges, and low self-esteeml, among other things.

We all experience life challenges that can be overwhelming, relationships that can be unsatisfactory, and painful memories that can resurface. You are not alone.

At times life presents challenges and problems can be overwhelming, relationships unsatisfactory, and painful memories can resurface.

Together, we will work collaboratively to address the challenges you face to enhance your emotional, relational, physical and/or sexual functioning and wellbeing.

I offer counselling that is outcome-focused and evidence-based best practice, including:

Trauma Therapy

Distressing events can leave people feeling threatened emotionally, psychologically, or physically. Trauma therapy can help to reduce the impact trauma has on their lives.

Examples of traumatic experiences are:

EMDR therapy is a short-term, integrative, highly effective, and well-researched approach to therapy. It aims to eliminate the symptoms such as flashbacks, anxiety, addictions, marital distress, intrusive thoughts, disturbing memories, pain, depression, irritability, and distorted thoughts/images that can typically result from having experienced trauma.


Interested in becoming a Sex Therapist or a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist?

I offer supervision to individuals working to become a BESTCO Certified Sex Therapist, or those interested in a clinical fellow or RMFT designation with AAMFT and/or CAMFT.

Supervision and consultation are offered in a safe, supportive and culturally sensitive manner. You will enhance your clinical skills, confidence, and competence, while having access the most up-to-date sex therapy and relationship interventions.

Training & Consultation

As a therapist, have you come up against a challenging question or point of treatment where consultation would be helpful?

I offer consultation to therapists and treatment teams to support them in the assessment or treatment planning process or are interested in developing their sex therapy and relationship therapy skills.

I facilitate training, clinical consultations, workshops, and team resilience.

The areas of focus include sexual health, the treatment of trauma, CISM training and consultation, and team wellness.